The 1876 Centennial Quilt Project
An online comprehensive quilt making course. Beginning September 2022
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The 1876 Centennial Quilt Project
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1876 Centennial Quilt online course.

See the quilts, hear the stories, discover how creating a significant quilt will transform your quiltmaking!

 "This is the most amazing quilt—not only is it historic and gorgeous, but you will learn everything there is to know about quilting in the process. I have so appreciated Anne’s skill as a knowledgeable, friendly and fun teacher!" 

Sheila B.
Seattle, WA

"Anne’s 1876 quilt class has taught me so many quilting skills. She used a variety of techniques with tips that challenged this 40 year quilter in new ways. Anne’s endless abilities are incredibly helpful and she is very motivated to give personal assistance. I highly recommend this challenge if you are interested in improving your piecing skills. The camaraderie that has evolved from our cohort class experience has been treasured."  

Laurie L.
Lopez Island, WA

"This quilt has been quite a challenge for me!!
But I 'm so glad I have stuck with it! "Y" seams are now easy for me. I can even do pivots! It has been such a growth experience for me! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge."  

Barbara S.
Friday Harbor, WA

"When I joined Anne and our original 1876 quilt group I barely knew how to sew, much less piece together a quilt. I didn't even know what WOF meant!  I can now say that I am a confident sewer, able to tackle most any quilting challenge. Anne's guidance and support during this journey has been incredible. The teaching materials and lessons she developed are superb; even as a novice, I have been able to understand and follow all cutting a piecing instructions with absolutely no difficulty. I cannot recommend more highly the opportunity to work and study with Anne as she puts together another group who will learn how to recreate the spectacular 1876 quilt."

Carol S.
Cannon Beach. OR

 "Pride is a funny thing though. I began making quilts in 1976 and so one could reasonably presume that I had some sort of skill set, but as I began making my 1876 quilt with Anne I discovered that I still had (have) a lot to learn! I have never claimed that patience is a personal forte, but making this quilt has taught me the value of patience and precision.
Now I enjoy the entire process and I have learned the value of 1/8th and 1/16ths. Sewing "Y-seams" and pivoting no longer faze me and I expect to make mistakes and enjoy the process of discovering and correcting them. Making this quilt is an adventure. It is a process and as you work you will, no matter how skilled you are, learn a lot. If a beginning quilter chooses to make this quilt -(and that is eminently
doable!) by the time you finish you will be an expert and you will have a whole foundation of knowledge to carry you forward! Anne is a patient, and skilled teacher. I would encourage anyone who enjoys creating a unique quilt to join in the fun. You will learn a lot, make new friends and end up with an amazing work of art!"

Marie  Z. J.
Friday Harbor, WA

As a beginner quilter I was intimidated with the thought of being able to complete such a complex project. Anne not only gives a pattern for this quilt but includes extensive tutorials in various techniques needed to be successful in each step. The freezer paper patterns and templates really made cutting easy and accurate.  I have learned and mastered so many advanced techniques. This has truly been a dream come true to learn from such an incredible teacher and to make a masterpiece heirloom-quality quilt!"

Barbara M.
Manchester, CT